Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dad's Clothes, Part 2

I tried a simple block design with Dad's jeans and flannel shirts.  I cut a 3 1/2" square of denim for the center of the block and four 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" strips of flannel to go around the center.  I found that the flannel was difficult to work with and I didn't like the look of the plaids going every which way around the center square.  I couldn't picture how I would set together blocks I constructed that way.
On to Plan B. 
I would cut 9 1/2" squares of flannel and jeans.  One square of jeans would be the center square and squares of flannel would surround it.  I would need 24 squares of flannel for each quilt.  (Between flannel shirts, pjs and chambray work shirts, I can come up with 24 different fabrics.)
Once I started cutting, I realized that the shirts are smaller than I'd thought.  I could not cut nine (the number of quilts I plan to make) 9 1/2" squares from each one...from some I could only get 7 or 8.  That means not every quilt will be the same.  For some, I'll have to use the leftover shirt parts creatively.
I'll begin by stitching one 25 block quilt to see how it turns out. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dad's Clothes

I finally started the task of cutting apart my dad's flannel shirts and jeans.  The goal is to make 9 small quilts (I'm thinking 45" square)--one for me, each of my 2 sisters and each of our 2 kids.
Seems like a lot of useable fabric in the shirt bodies and sleeves.  The jeans are worn, but still useable...Dad was pretty small towards the end, though, and the legs are tapered.
I'm saving all the buttons so I can put them on as I tie the quilts.  For now I'm saving the yokes and collars, too.  Not sure if I'll need the fabric that is in them.
I have picked out a few simple patterns that I think might work for these quilts...I will know once I start working with the actual fabrics.  Some flannel shirts are thinner than others...those must have been favorites and worn a lot!
I'll track my progress here...stay tuned.