Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting Back in the Groove

I spent a lovely day today with a group of ladies from the Livonia 9-Patchers quilt guild. They gathered to learn to make my "Pieces of Eight" quilt. We were all challenged. I was challenged to modify the directions for those wanting to construct the basic "flower" design by machine rather than by hand. Students were challenged to learn or remember hand-piecing and/or hand-applique techniques to insert the center and stitch the "flower" to the background. Despite these challenges, we all ended the day with smiles on our faces.
After the past two months of being very involved in the lives of my aging parents, and experiencing the death of my father, it feels good to get back to my stitching. I am even starting to get some new design ideas. Being around other enthusiastic quilters certainly helps! Bring on the fabric and thread!!!!