Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Group Support

Today was meeting day for one of the small quilting groups that I've joined. It has been so long since I've been able to make one of their meetings--I debated whether I should go or not. I'm so glad I did.

Being with other quilters really energizes one. It is so much fun to see what each one is working on, and great to get and give tips for each others' projects. At the meeting, I was putting the last few embroidery stitches on my NQA challenge piece and wondering out loud how I was going to quilt it. I received so many great suggestions--I can't wait to get it layered with batting and backing and start in. (Usually the quilting part is my least favorite part of a project, but now I'm excited!) My goal is to have it finished WAY before the deadline!

I presented my "Pink Houses" project to these ladies. They each took a kit and asked me to bring more next time. Such support! The mail requests are coming in nicely, too. Thank you!
It will be fun to see the finished houses come back, and even more fun to create neighborhoods from them. I am grateful for your participation, and hope we can generate a tidy sum to donate for mammograms for those who cannot afford them. (I hope you've gotten your annual mammogram!)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back to it!

After a whole week of catching up on sleep, I'm back to my sewing. I knew I was getting back to being me when I spent some time last Monday and Tuesday in a few fabric shops. I was looking for more "sky" fabric for the Little Pink Houses challenge I sent out to my newsletter readers. (Information about my challenge can be found on my website: http://carolsscrapquilts.webs.com.)

I've also gotten back to the challenge I'm working on for NQA. It is due December 15th, and that's not too far away. I DID get some great suggestions for my challenge piece from my quilting buddies a month ago, and I 'm trying to incorporate some of them into the piece. I'll share a picture of it when it is finished.

It feels GREAT to be back to stitching! I'd rather do that than clean out a closet or two any day! I appreciate the comments you left regarding my last blog post. I'll think about those things while I'm quilting. :)