Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Scrap fabric is becoming a hot commodity!
In past years, I would be the only one at Quilt Camp picking up others' fabric scraps. Not so this year! I found very few pieces of fabric thrown away in the trash. Quilters must be getting wise to how much fun it is to work with scraps. Throughout the weekend, a couple of my friends would give me their project leftovers and one of my table mates kept receiving small scraps of fabric (smaller than I usually use, so I'm curious to see how she'll use them).
There were collection bags and boxes around for the tiniest of cut-aways. Seems that one of the charitable organizations in Battle Creek collects these and is able to recycle them like one recycles paper. They get so much $$ per pound of scrap fabric! How wonderful! I've started my own bag for this type of scrap and will take it to Camp next year. Nice to know that even the tiniest bit of fabric will not go to waste!