Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Completed Project!

At a get together of our little quilt group several weeks ago, a collection of pieced butterfly blocks was shared. These were old blocks that someone had put on the "give-away" table at a guild meeting. There were so many blocks that we were able to divide them among the 4 of us who were interested in them. I brought home 20 blocks.
In studying the blocks, I discovered that they were hand-pieced. This was surprising, given the way they were so misshapen and of varying sizes. It would be impossible to square them up to all be the same size. What to do? I did trim straight edges on the blocks as best I could.
I decided to add over-sized triangles to the 4 sides of the blocks. I was then able to trim the blocks to 12 1/2" square. I set the blocks 4 x 5, alternating direction of the butterflies.
Since the butterflies had an "art deco" feel to them, only a geometric border would do. From my stash of 1930's-type fabrics, I was able to match some of the solid colors pretty closely and pieced the triple border.
Quilt top finished! (Before the others have even started on their project!) Was fun and I'm proud that I completed it, in record time!