Thursday, April 4, 2013

Costa Rica: First Project

The first project that was taught to the ladies in Costa Rica was the pillowcase dresses (little dresses for Africa).  The pattern was taken from the Nancy's Notions website.  Perhaps you already know about these dresses--just made from a "tube" of fabric.  Armholes are cut and hemmed (or encased in bias),  and casings are made at the top edges of the front and back.  Elastic is run through the casings, the bottom edge is hemmed, and ribbon ties are stitched to the shoulders.  Quick and cute!
Making those put me in the mood to sew for my granddaughters when I got home.  I've already made a sundress for the Oklahoma granddaughter who just turned 4 and a top and shorts for the almost-3-year-old.  Another dress is waiting to be cut out and stitched.  I'd forgotten how much fun it is to sew clothing for the little ones!  I'm glad that the trip to Costa Rica reminded me!