Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Decided it was time to blog a bit again. I haven't felt like it lately because I'm being "sandwiched." I'm finally going through what so many of my friends have gone through--helping kids who are having kids of their own, and helping elderly parents. My parents, who live 8 hours from me, with no other family members nearby, have finally had to give up living in their own home. I was with them for three weeks, helping with the transition. Now that I'm home, I worry about their health and safety. The travel and the extra responsibilities I've taken on don't leave me with much time for my quilting.
I've always thought of quilting as therapy, but it is hard to be creative with all of this on my mind. I'm glad for "simple" projects, like embroidery. I'm working on a crazy quilt project--the feather stitching is coming along nicely!